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Experience the Tru-test difference with our industry-leading services & products that keep your heavy equipment operations safe and efficient.

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Keeping Commercial Vehicles Safe & Reliable

Rubber Tracks

An innovative and versatile option for industries requiring enhanced mobility and minimal ground disturbance, such as construction, agriculture, and landscaping.

Solid Tires

An excellent option for industries requiring heavy-duty performance and durability. They provide a puncture-resistant and maintenance-free alternative to traditional pneumatic tires.

Press-On Tires

An advantageous option for various industries, particularly those with indoor or smooth surface operations, such as warehousing and manufacturing.


A valuable option for various industries as it offers numerous benefits, enhancing the performance and durability of tires with a puncture-proof solution that eliminates the risk of flats.

Quality Brands

Industrial Tires

Industrial tire maintenance is vital for ensuring the safety, efficiency, and longevity of heavy machinery and equipment used in various industries. Proper tire maintenance minimizes the risk of accidents, reduces downtime due to tire-related issues, and prolongs tire life, resulting in cost savings for businesses.

Genie Boom
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Fleet Maintenance

Fleet maintenance is crucial for businesses that rely on a fleet of vehicles. Regular maintenance ensures that vehicles are safe, reliable, and have an extended lifespan. By partnering with Tru-test, businesses can reduce the risk of breakdowns and accidents, maximize the lifespan of their vehicles, and improve overall efficiency and productivity.

Scissor Lift
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